How can I apply for a new connection?

You can apply for a new connection through the Get on the HOME page or you can also call us on 9878796330 directly OR email us at connectbroadbandchd43@gmail.com

How can I get in touch with us?

You can contact our 24*7 support team on 9878796330 or you can also write to us at connectbroadbandchd43@gmail.com for any Queries, Complaints or Requests.

How can I check connected broadband coverage in my area?

You can visit our website www.connectbroadbandchandigarh.com and Check Availability at your location from the home page itself. In case your locality/ society name is not listed in the drop-down menu, your locality might not be connected then. The best you can do is enter your details in the Form and send it to us. As soon as we connect your locality/ society, we will contact you and provide you a connection.

How to test my Internet Speed?

In order to get the best test results, we recommend you check your Internet Speed on www.speedtest.net by selecting server location as Connect Broadband Chandigarh. If your speed test result falls below your current plan’s range, please ensure following checkpoints:

  • Turn off your Wi-Fi port and Connect your Laptop/ desktop directly via LAN cable to avoid any interference.
  • Close any programs/ updates or in-progress downloads that are using your connection and ensure disk utilization is below 10%
  • Reset your internet modem and/or router and rerun the speed test.

Which Router does Connect Broadband provide and what are the cost and its features?

For FTTH/ FTTB networks, Connect Broadband Chandigarh does not provide the Router or and other Customer Premise Equipment. Customers can buy Router/ Accessories recommended by Connect Broadband or any other equipment of equivalent specifications. Connect Broadband Chandigarh recommended Router is available for Rs. 1500/- (incl. VAT)

For FTTN networks, Connect Broadband Chandigarh provides the Customer Premise Equipment, for which a refundable security deposit of Rs.1500/- would be collected at the time of signing the Customer Relationship Form (CRF)

What is the range of the Connect Broadband Provided Router?

Connect Broadband Provided Router offers the range of approx. 10 meters to 15 meters. Within the range of 10 meters, users can enjoy the maximum speed depending on environmental feasibility.

Is there a way I can prioritize speed for specific websites with my Connect Broadband Connection?

Yes, you can! We have a special feature under Connect Broadband service in which you can prioritize or de-prioritize your existing broadband speed as per your requirements. Please contact our Customer Support team for detailed information and activation of this service.

Can I get details of websites or pages I have visited through my Connect Broadband Connection?

We do not capture the details of the website/content for the usage done by the customer, as these details might have confidential details of his/her financial activities. Disclosure of these details might cause financial loss; hence we do not capture and share the details with customers as per the Security Purpose.